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JRC Precision Chambers

Barrel Chambering

Barrel Chambering

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Chambering a barrel refers to the process of creating or modifying the chamber in a firearm barrel. The chamber is the rear portion of the barrel where the cartridge is inserted and held before firing. During the chambering process, the barrel is machined or reamed to precise specifications to accommodate a specific type of ammunition.

The chamber needs to be carefully machined to ensure concentricity, headspace (the distance between the face of the closed bolt or breech and the base of the cartridge), and precise dimensional fit to ensure safe and reliable operation of the firearm. 

JRC Precision Barrels has the necessary tools and experience to ensure the chamber is cut accurately and to the desired specifications leaving you with the best possible chance of success either on the line or in the field. 

Most jobs can be completed in a week once components have been received. 

NOTE:  Every chamber job comes with 30 minutes of shooting or load development consulting!* We can use this time however you like - mail or text exchanges, a 30 minute video or phone call, whatever you prefer.

* Extended consulting time is available at an additional rate.  Inquire for information.

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