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JRC Precision Chambers

Custom Dies**

Custom Dies**

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Custom dies are cut using pair-matched reamers - the finish reamer for the seating die, and a resize reamer for your sizing die.  The finish reamer is the same reamer that was used to cut your barrel chamber, so you have an exact match to that when seating bullets.  The resize reamer is specifically dimensioned to resize brass that is used in a chamber cut with the matching finish reamer, giving you the best possible chance to create perfect rounds.

We use and recommend die blanks from Cortina Precision, Newlon Precision, and L.E. Wilson.  All of these blanks produce excellent finishes for the best possible dies to match your chamber.

** Listed price does not include the price of the blank.  Blank prices, styles, and availability vary and a full quote can be provided when you choose the specific style and type of die you are looking for.

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